Cube Runner App Reviews

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Great, addicting and simple

I remember playing this game so much on my new iPod 4, but somehow forgot about it. I just found that iPod and remembered the game and started playing again, then decided to try to download it on my iPhone 7, hoping that it was still supported. It’s just as I remember, easy to pick up and play, minimal but great graphics along with a great and fitting soundtrack. Thanks for making such a great game!


No ads. Period.


This game is the original! I remember playing this on my itouch as a kid. Highly recommend!

Long Time Fan

I’ve been playing this game since the week it came out, but can you guys please update the graphics and make the game fit in to today’s graphical performances?

This guy has kept his app updated for 9 years.

I first downloaded this on my Dad’s iPhone 3G, then I downloaded it on my 3GS. I’ve had it on all my subsequent iPhones ever since. The app has been consistently updated throughout the years and has remained bug free. Great job. Great game.


Best game ever.

Great!, entertained me for 8 years

I have played this game for years on and off, and been entertained the entire time

Best original idea ever

So simple, yet so fun... and modern.

Fantasic game

This is one of my more favorite simple games to play when I am bored. Simple classic game that I have played since the first IPhone.


I remember playing this game right when it came out on my cousins phone it was awesome. I wish I could give it more stars, this game brings back so many memories but we stopped playing it :(. I came back to it again and it's just like I remembered it amazing!

Best game ever

D- dank A- addictive D- dumb thicc D- dead memes Y- Y do I love this game so much

Just as I remembered it!

Loved this game from the moment I downloaded it in 2010 on my iPhone 4. I remember a revamp of the app during that period in which I stopped playing because I didn't like the new look. Downloaded it again recently and glad to see you went back to the original design! One small audiophile related complaint however is the audio doesn't quite sync up like it used to when changing to dark mode on the hard difficulty!

Just amazing

I've had this app for a while now and it was one of the first I've ever had even back when I had my iPod. Yes, it's a simple app and there isn't much to it but it's definitely one of the most nostalgic and amazing games out there.

I wish I could give it more stars

This game was my childhood. I played this 24/7. Thank you Andy for this gem of a game.

Simple but perfectly executed.

Cube runner is a game that seems very simple when you first pick it up. I have great nostalgia for it during my early years on my iPod Touch, and picked it up again to see why it was so addictive back then. It really excels in its execution. The graphics are minimalistic, but there are lots of cool touches, like a cool transition to first person mode, a neat death animation and lots of variety between levels. I also love the soundtrack. It's a lot of catchy and upbeat electronic tracks that fit the levels perfectly. There are lots of touches that make the game feel lovingly crafted, like the great level design, the option to play in portrait or landscape mode, and the option to play user levels. If you think this game is just a simple endless runner, give it a fair chance and I think you'll see how great it is.

best app on iPhone

still my favorite app over the years of having an iPhone


This was the first app I ever played, EVER, and it's never gotten old. There is absolutely nothing wrong, everything works. There are no crashes, glitches, or anything! Perfection👌🏻


This game is AWESOME!!! The most classic game on the earth!

i love this game:')

this was the first game i downloaded when i got my first ipod, aw it brings back so many memories! i totally forgot about it until recently and ive started playing it again, so fun


I love this game! It is so much fun. I spend most of my time on this game.

A Real Classic

I played this game when I got my first iPod Touch back in 2008. I loved it then and I still love it now. It hasn't changed a bit (except for a few new themes), and that's a good thing! It's so simple yet so addicting. I'm glad I randomly thought of this game again and decided to install it. Very nostalgic and very fun!

So glad I found it again.

I had this game on the first iPod Touch. I was looking through my purchased apps and I haven't stopped playing since I found it. Still as fun as it used to be. So happy.

One of the best mobile games of all time

Absolute classic

Best game of the oldies

Can't believe it still works fav

love this game!

I used to play this game all the time when the first iPad came out, found it again about a year ago in my purchases and haven't stopped playing it since! it's so simple and fun, my high score is 1285. definitely would recommend this to anyone!!


After all these years it's still payable and awesome!

Awesome but one issue

I found this game In my cloud and I was so happy that i did cause I've been searching for it everywhere. But is there a way to turn the sensitivity down? I mean I keep crashing into cubes as I tilt my phone. 😩. It's very frustrating so plz add option for that


I love this game its so addicting and fun!


I have had Cube runner on my phone for about 2 and 1/2 years now, and I have to say that I'm SO thankful that it was just updated for iOS 9. It runs so much smoother now. 5/5 and I recommend it to anyone who loves mindlessly playing a game to reduce stress.

Love this game!

I've had this on my iPhone since it came out it 2008. Keep up the good work! Love it!

AMAZING! My childhood right here

This game was straight up my childhood. Me and my friend would play this for hours and hours trying to beat each other. Ill never forget the day i got 3,200 on the original cube runner. And when this game came out we were so hyped. Amazing game. 10/10. I remember sitting on my ipod 2 with my friend and those were the days. I made this same review on cube runner 2 but im just trying to help out XD


Always played this awesome game!!!

Too addictive

This game is awesome love it. I can't get my self off of this game cuz it's so addictive!!! Also love dat u can add level packs.

Best "CLASSIC" Game on iOS.

First of all, don't listen to the little kids giving bad reviews about this game and how they "can't play laying in bed, so that's why I give this app 3 stars" "make a button to press if your lying in bed or sitting up" come on, really? Ok McGiever, go make an app yourself. Anyways, awesome app.


I have the iPhone 6 plus and having this game on there looks AMAZING! I recommend anyone who has perfectly nice screened phone, either an iPhone or a Samsung phone, cause it looks amazing!!!! Of this is a great game by the way...could be super addicting to me. Lol.


I got my score to 6000 by picking "canyon" and squirming between the blocks at the start and tilting my I Pad against something and let it set, I got bored though.

I lov this game app

I lov this app I play this app when a has my first iPod

Doesn't work.

The game has been on my phone for a whole 5 minutes and the ship hasn't turned once. It continues to go straight. I love the original game, but I haven't even been able to play one actual game without it going straight and not allowing me to turn.

Cool but hard

It's hard in every way to do😞


This was one of my favorite flash games. Really glad that it's an ios game, and it's pretty much the exact same game!


When u first started to play it worked fine, but then when I tilted my phone to go left or right it just stayed straight. I kept hitting Into things and I had no control. It is very annoying and that bothers me because at first I really liked the game. I try to make the game work, but it never does and that is why I think this game only deserves three stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ instead of five. I hope you don't end up having the same problems as me


"It has cubes" - IGN

Could be a little bit better

OK this could be long :) Ok first of all this is the best game ever! There is one problem with this game and the problem is that when I am lying in my bed and playing I have to make bigger turns for little turns I am also afraid to go really close to the blocks when I am lying in bed but if I am sitting then I am not afraid so my point is maybe you can make it ask you if you are sitting or lying down anyway GREAT game!!

Get it it's awesome

This is a great, fun game that is challenging but very addicting. Highly suggest that u get it :)

Best Ever Downloaded

This is srysly the best game I've EVER downloaded❗️I really love that u can change the difficulty. My hi-score is 897 ☺️ Thx 4 reading!! 😘

The Original Legend

This app deserves to be featured on the front page of the AppStore everyday.... that is all.

An Amazing Pick Up and Play App That's Impossible to Put Down

Remember when the first iPod Touch came out? Well yeah, that's when I got Cube Runner. My friend told me to download it, and thankfully I did. Now I rate my pick up and play games differently then the big apps. Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, and Flappy Bird are all examples of pick up and play. Infinity Blade, BioShock, and Modern Combat are the big apps. So I have a different reviewing system for each. Big game -Content -Visuals -Gameplay Pick up and play -Style -Art direction -Simplicity -Addicting Let's just say Cube Runner succeeds in all of those ways, and even does stuff better than the big games.

Great but

Awesome but it should have cannons for a powerup


Really cool game


I played this game twice and now I'm obsessed. I really like playing it and so does my cousin. Playing your own music didn't work at first but then I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and it works gr8!

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